Air Pollution and other issues – London Road LAT 9 May

viaduct, train and trafficThe next London Road LAT is on Tue May 9th at 6.30, Calvary Church, Viaduct Road.

Guest speaker Sam Rouse of Brighton and Hove City Council will speak on air quality and health. Air pollution affects health of everyone across Brighton:

“Public Health England has estimated whole population exposure to fine particulate matter across Brighton & Hove contributes 5 to 6% to all causes of annual mortality ….  More recent research suggests that the impact of Nitrogen Dioxide may also contribute close to 6% of mortality with a 33 % overlap with particles. In Brighton & Hove this is a strong influence on 175 deaths brought forward each year” – Brighton and Hove Air Quality Action Plan 2013

Other items on the agenda include an update on drug dealing around Winchester Street, communal bins and planning issues.