Drara keeps a watch on planning issues and applications that affect our area and inputs to consultations where appropriate. Information on local planning policies and applications can be found on the Brighton and Hove City Council website.

Current issues

Bike docking station

It is planned to site a bike docking station in Shaftesbury Place near London Road Station. Drara responded to a proposal for a siting a station in Shaftesbury Place and requested alternative sites be considered and it it proposed to site the bikes in front of London Road Station. March 2017

Preston Circus shared space

Drara members are in discussion with BHCC about the shared space at Preston Circus outisde the Duke of Yorks. Concerns were raised about the area now licensed for tables outside the Duke of Yorks cinema. While we welcome these, given there is a planter commissioned for the space and there needs to be room for pedestrians and cyclists too. Drara and LRSP have been working to ensure that people, plants and DoY visitors can all be comfortably accommodated in the space and the plan for a planter has been revised to fit into the space now available. We understand a planter has been created – but not yet installed – September 2016

Rose Hill Tavern

Just outside the Drara area the Rose Hill Tavern is a 144 year old pub with a distinctive green tiled front. Following sale the pub was under the threat of conversion into flats. Campaigners successfully saw off efforts by owners/developers to convert the pub into flats, and manage dto ensure it was listed as an Asset of Community Value.  While a crowdfunder to buy the pub just missed its target, it has now been bought by new owners who plan to revive it as an arts venue.

Page updated 17 September 2016


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