Household waste

1411987400704Information on waste and recycling collections can be found on the Brighton and Hove City Council website.

  • Household waste is collected weekly
  • Recycling is collected fortnightly

Seagulls are always looking for a snack, as are foxes, so leaving rubbish out encourages them. It also leads to litter blowing around streets and onto peoples’ paths and gardens and blocking gullies.

To reduce temptation to seagulls and other irritants and keep out streets neat, ensure your rubbish is enclused in a bin, and only put it out the night before, or on the day of, collection.

This is what BHCC say about putting out rubbish:

“Why this is a problem

We are always trying to do as much as we can to keep our city clean and tidy. This includes informing people how to use our services so they continue to use them correctly.

Putting recycling or refuse out early or leaving it out all the time can:

  • look unattractive
  • cause obstructions on the street
  • create litter on the pavement
  • attract animals and pests

For these reasons we are strict on people who do not follow our guidelines. Problem addresses could receive a letter and a visit from a manager.”

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