noisy neighbours
A sign from a house in our neighbourhood!

We live in a densely populated area, with many flats and terraced houses – so we’re all used to hearing a bit of noise at times. However, too much noise late at night or early morning can be a serious problem for neighbours – remember many people have to get up early for work or may have young children.

  • Music – Really loud music at midnight or 7 am can lead to complaints and bad neighbour relations.Most houses don’t have much sound insulation and gardens don’t have any.
  • DIY –  doing noisy jobs like drilling or sanding can also cause problems.
  • Pets – if you have a dog, keep it happy to make sure it doesn’t disturb neighbours by barking

If you are disturbed by noise from neighbours – let them know, politely. The chances are they didn’t realise and are far more likely to be considerate if you talk to them.

If you have a serious noise problem – the council environmental health team can help – For advice or information call 01273 294266There is a night time niose patrol 10 pm – 3 am Fridays and Saturdays – 01273 293541

If you have student neighbours who repeatedly forget they have neighbours, the universities have community liason officers who can help:

University of Sussex – Lucy Walker, Housing Officer (Information & Advice)
t.01273 690405

University of Brighton -Andrew Keeffe, Community Liaison & Housing Advice Officer
t.01273 641894

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