About Ditchling Rise Area Resident’s Association

Caroline Lucas station party

Ditchling Rise Residents’ Association (Drara) – covers the area north of central-ish Brighton bounded by Ditchling Rise to the North, the A23 to the west, Viaduct Road to the South and Ditchling Road to the East.  The area includes London Road Station (picture on the left) and its community garden, the signalman_pub, terraced streets with and without trees, a fire station, a local shop or two and the nations’ oldest continually working cinema the Duke of Yorks.

2014-04-25 AGM2

The residents association is an apolitical group working to improve the area and address issues that arise – whether it’s parking, planning, bins or anything else.  We are pleased to be seeing changes ongoing to improve the streetscape in our neighbourhood – many of which Drara have either instigated or been consulted on.

All neighbours are welcome to our  meetings – which provide an opportunity to discuss current and future issues, meet local councillors and officers. We hold regular community events too. These have included street parties and a celebration of the 150th birthday of the train line on our boundary.

Meetings are currently being held on Zoom due to the COVID pandemic.  Email us on the address below if you want to join a meeting or if you want more information.

Email us at ditchlingrisebrighton@gmail.com if you’d like to know more.

We now have a facebook group to share latest news and events.

London Road station has a defibrillator for public use – see details Defibrillator at London Road Station


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