Rose Hill Tavern to be Reinvented

Rose Hill Tavern currently closedWhile not quite in our neighbourhood, for many years the Rosehill Tavern was a popular pub used by many of the community. Over recent years the revamping of our more local locals and ongoing reinvention of London Road left the Rosehill, which is tucked away from frequent footfall, a bit behind. However it was always a boozer of character – so much so that the campaign to save it ensured it was designated as an Asset of Community Value. A crowdfunder by local campaigners just fell short of its target to buy the pub. However, now it looks like that value has been realised as it has been saved from conversion into flats.

Today’s local press report it has finally found buyers – who want to run it as a community arts centre. Given its location tucked into a residential area, there may be concerns about noise from activity – but its been a pub for many years – and was on the itinerary of the morris dancers – so hopefully the licensing process will manage any concerns. We look forward to seeing a newly revived Rose Hill soon.


Author: amarymole

Writer, environmentalist, cyclist, sometime seafarer more times sea starer, growing things and wool gathering around Brighton and beyond.

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