Celebrate London Road – Nov 24th

mixed use pavement at Preston Circus

The London Road Area Action Team are inviting everyone to celebrate London Road on Tuesday 24th November. Over the past few years the area has seen many changes – transforming from a drab stretch of empty shops to a busier high street packed with new cafes, restaurants and more second hand shopping as showcase charity shops move in. Who would have thought al fresco coffee would would become normal here? Tuesday evening is an opportunity to find out more about development of the adjoining New England Quarter from Ross Gilbert of QED, hear about what is being done to improve community safety and much more. 6.30 pm at Calvary Church – see the LAT website for full details.


Bonfire Night Approaches

A Drara committee member prepares for bonfire night in the 1950s
A Drara committee member prepares for bonfire night in the 1950s

With bonfire night approaching a reminder that it can get very busy at London Road Station on the evening of November 5th as the Lewes Bonfire attracts hoardes of spectators – a queuing system is normally in place. There are also plenty of organised fireworks around Brighton, at Emmaus and the County Cricket Ground to name two.

For anyone new to the area, Bonfire has a long tradition in Sussex, with towns and villages across the county holding processions, fires and firework displays throughout the autumn – each with their own traditions. While linked to Guy Fawkes, plot to blow up parliament in 1605 traditions of bonfire go back further – probably linked to celebrations to fend off winter darkness in earlier times.

At this time of year fireworks are available and frequently heard. Remember if you are planning your own bonfire night celebration use common sense:

  • Be considerate of neighbours, especially if they have small children, pets or are elderly
  • Be safe – follow instructions
  • Remember its illegal to let fireworks off after 11pm except on Bonfire Night, Nov 5th when its midnight, and Diwali – this year Nov 11th until 1 am.

Full bonfire and firework advice from Brighton and Hove CC here.

However, if you plan to go to Lewes give yourself plenty of time – trains will be very busy. Or, avoid the queues by joining the bike train that leaves the Level at 6 pm and cycle there and back.

Happy Bonfire, have a fun and stay safe!