Road resurfacing Ditchling Rise

Following enquiries about ongoing resurfacing work at the junction of Ditchling Rise Temporary road surface on Ditchling Riseand Shaftesbury Place Principal Transport Planner at BHCC Abby Hone has provided Drara an update:

The surface treatment at Ditchling Rise/Shaftesbury Place has been undertaken with the aim of increasing awareness of the junction area, increasing legibility and potentially reducing traffic speed.  The works were delayed from last year to co-ordinate the surface treatment with scheduled maintenance works at this section of Ditchling Rise.  The surface dressing being used was chosen for its durability – the same product has been used at Church Street/Jubilee Street/New Road junction where HGVs turn in daily to deliver to Tesco Express – as drays service The Signalman regularly and anecdotally this section of road sees  high usage for a residential street.

In the first application of the surfacing, the resin failed due to the length of time the new surface underneath had been in place and the contractor was instructed to remedy the matter.  The surface was planed out and the contractors planed too deep, leaving ruts in the surface.  When the dressing was applied this failed again.  The area was inspected by the Senior Engineer involved, to see if a full resurface would address the issues. The engineer advised this is not necessary and and is inspecting the surface preparation before a different type of surface dressing is applied.  According to the supplier of the original surface dressing used, while it is the most hard-wearing, the product was unable to set properly due to the topography of the site.

We are assured that all remedial works are at the cost of the contractor.  Abby is very keen to ensure that any work is installed to a high standard from the off-set, particularly taking into account that funds used are applied for and often hard won – these works need to last with minimal future maintenance cost.

The resurfacing works are part of a programme of measures agreed with representatives of Drara.  (Other items included the cycle wheeling ramps over the footbridge, tidying up street tree pits and pedestrian wayfinding minilith.) All measures were funded by the LSTF 2011-14 project


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The friendly leafy neighbourhood squeezed between the A23, the Lewes-Seaford-Eastbourne line and Ditchling Road - not far from lively London Road

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